Mill Creek Haunted Hollow: Helpful Links

Skull Shoppe
Pumpkinrot: A Dark Celebration of Halloween
Stolloween: Inspiration + Papier Mache
Garage of Evil: Home Haunt How-To Network
The Art of Halloween Haunting
A Haunted Halloween: At Blackstone Cemetery
Haunter's Hangout
The Yard Haunter: The Guide For Haunting Your Yard For Halloween
Halloween Online Magazine
Complete Guide to Growing Pumpkins
Scary Terry's Halloween Pages
Gore'N More: A Free Haunted Display for Trick or Treaters in Davenport, Florida
Ethereal FX
Monsterlist of Halloween Projects
Haunt Projects: Animatronic Props
Cryptic Imports: A Great Place For Skulls
SpookyBlue: Paper Mache and Props
Haunted Dimensions: 3D Tribute to Disney's Haunted Mansions