The Manor at Mill Creek Haunted Hollow

Welcome to a brief history of the Blackburn Manor. Here you can read a short list of events which contributed to the estate's history.
1862: Earliest surviving photo of Thomas Blackburn, circa 1862. Eldest son of Lady Alice and Lord John Blackburn of Lancashire, England.

1877: Baron Thomas Blackburn, 22 years old, inherits his family fortune after a mysterious fire at the Blackburn Estate in England.
1880: Thomas seeks his fortune in the New World, buying a large piece of property north of Seattle. Thomas invests in a lumber mill, and becomes one of the Northwest's premier timber barons.


1882: As his success and fortune grows, Thomas commissions a mansion to be built on a previously cleared, southern portion of his growing logging town of Mill Creek, named for the large water wheel which powers the sawmill.
1884: Prosperous, but lonely, Thomas imports a lovely lady from Ireland: Elizabeth Sharkleigh. Fiery hair and temper to match, Elizabeth is at first livid that her family has sold her into matrimony. But, Thomas is a romantic, and he wins her heart.
1893: Thomas and Elizabeth are happy, and the Blackburn Logging Company is running well, owning several hundred acres in Snohomish County.
1894: Elizabeth's great passion is horses. She and her grand black thoroughbred, Daemon, are known for racing up and down the hills of Mill Creek. One foggy October morning, Elizabeth rides away on Daemon, and disappears. Thomas is heartbroken. He pays every able bodied local man to search the forest, but no trace of Elizabeth or her horse are ever found.
1896: Despondent after years of searching, Thomas goes to the local apothecary and asks the store owner to sell him poison. Luciana, a powerful witch, instead convinces him she can help, and relocates her workshop to a corner of the mansion. After months of failed potions and spells, she compells Thomas to conduct a seance on Halloween night, and contact his missing bride. The divination works, and Elizabeth's spirit leads Thomas to her body, entombed in a swamp. He collects her remains and builds a mausoleum near the manor, where she is laid to rest.

1897: Believing Elizabeth to be at rest, Thomas tried to continue his life. However, on the anniversary of her seance, Elizabeth's spirit reappears to haunt their home.

1897-1928: Every year, Elizabeth returns to haunt Mill Creek and the Blackburn mansion. Thomas dies at the age of 73. The townspeople lay him to rest next to Elizabeth, in the Blackburn mausoleum.

1929: The Blackburn Logging Co. is broken up, as per the will, to pay off debts and keep the manor and grounds protected as ownership of the estate changes to Luciana, who remains on the property.

1934: A 1934 map of the area shows the remains of the Blackburn Logging Co. as it was divided and sold off to other businesses and developers.

Postscript:The mansion stays with Luciana and her progeny over the years, fading from notoriety as towns grow up around it. All but forgotten, the manor is quiet. Then, every year, on Halloween, it seems to come to life. Thomas and Elizabeth return, and invite all the local spirits to celebrate their union. Skeletons rise from their graves to dance, and re-enact their memories of life. Luciana returns to sell her wares in the apothecary. Visitors beware: enjoy the party this night, but leave before dawn ... or you too could disappear with the Blackburns and their neighbors.

Do you have to ask if this story is true?   Really?   Do you?   Well...