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Entry 284: October 27, 2014
First official day of vacation and I got a lot done! What a difference it makes when I don't have work or kids to distract. Just about finished the apothecary front and cleaned the driveway in preparation for Halloween.

Started by adding crown molding to the top of both bay windows, with some ornamentation at the center.

It was a bit tricky getting those mitered cuts just right.

This is the larger of the two bay windows. I'm very happy with how it turned out.

Also added some trim molding around the base to hide the seam and make it look nicer.

And here is the smaller bay window, all trimmed out and ready for paint.

And a little later in the day, both bay windows with their first coat of paint.

Smaller bay window with paint.

Larger bay window with paint.

And here is the apothecary, almost done, with a clean driveway!

Entry 283: October 23, 2014
Finished framing the other bay window for the apothecary.

Both bay windows are framed and the next step is to put in the rest of the glass.

There's still a lot of work to do, like trim, paint, door, etc. But it's looking good.

I'll make another pass with the level before securing the frames together - just to make sure.

Entry 282: October 21, 2014
Got some good work done on the apothecary bay windows this afternoon. Unfortunately, when I opened one of the bundles of glass, four panes had broken. So, I'll have to go back to Lowe's and get another sheet cut down to make those four panes again.

Here's a side window of one of the bays being dry-fitted.

And here's the window frame from the outside of the bay where it will eventually live.

The two side windows complete - with glass installed. You're looking at the outside of the left and the inside of the right.

Putting together the frame and grid for the large bay window.

Weep with me over the broken glass.

This is the larger of the two bay windows. Four of these panes broke at some point (don't know how) so I'll have to go back to Lowe's and get new ones cut.

If I'm lucky, I'll be able to build the smaller window tomorrow. I already checked and all the glass is intact.

Entry 281: October 20, 2014
Still struggling with the windows, and Elly (7yo) was sick all day Monday with a nasty stomach flu). That took most of my day sitting with her and trying to make her feel better. And learning more than I wanted to about Digimon Monsters. I did get all the frames and grids painted, so that was good.

Some of the shorter grid pieces, routered and then painted. Added a hook in the end so I could let them hang dry.

Many of the corner pieces were too long to hang, so I laid them across the table to dry.

Entry 280: October 19, 2014
Took almost two hours to get the 30 panes of glass cut for the two windows, but it was worth it.

Entry 279: October 18, 2014
Hoping to install the glass in the apothecary windows today. I promise I'll take pictures! Yesterday was all about completely cleaning up the garage. It took all day and I moved stuff all over. Even got rid of a few things. It took a lot of effort, but in the end, I feel really good moving forward. (shut up! That's a lot cleaner)

The first thing I did was move a bunch of stuff outside so I could sweep and rearrange a lot of the tools and benches. (notice clean floor)

This may look like a terrible disaster, but the fact that I can walk to the tool box, have access to the shop vac, and my compressor is free are all good things.

Again, to the untrained eye, this may look messy, but I insist you look at the floor! NO SAWDUST! No scraps of wood. Sadly, this is much better than it's been in months.

Okay, from this angle it still looks terrible, and I admit, I still have some sorting to do. From this angle, you can see how the garage door can close down to the point of the bay window on the front facade.

Entry 279: October 10, 2014
I've been really bad about posting lately, but I'm just too busy. It's October 10th, and I'm desperately trying to do my job, help with the kids, help my folks with their house hunting, and build and program for Halloween. Today, I'm tackling the new apothecary.

Cutting some of the front pannels, using the cider cart as a shop table.

The two front window/door panels framed.

I had to remove all the trim around the garage entrance and cut the corners. This is the left side fitting in place.

Both sections in place. A center post is in place which will support the structure. Each of the bays will be hinged and will have the ability swing open.

This is what they look like closed. Flush with the wall.

This is what they look like open. You can see the post in the center.

Obviously, I haven't finished these yet, so you have to picture these as as finished bay windows that will be like apothecary shop displays.

Here's a shot of the other side. This panel is larger, and will be a bit heavier. I might have to put a caster wheel on the bottom to help when I want to open and close the panel.

A good shot of what it would look like with both sides open.

The larger side, seen open.

One more shot with both panels open to the driveway.

Entry 278: October 8, 2014
More progress setting up for Halloween.

Set up some skeletons across the balcony.

A few more tonbstones in the graveyard.

Another shot from the graveyard showing off the tombstones and the other tower.

There's always cleaning up to do, and in this shot, you can see I'm working on one of my giant spiders, who is without an abdomen at the moment.

Entry 277: October 3, 2014
Time is going by way too quickly. I can't believe it's already October. I have so much to do. Took some photos this morning of our first weekend's efforts to set up for Halloween.

Had to get the Pumpkin King up right away.

Put up most of the tombstones. Still painting a few.

The girls helped by putting the pumpkings in the pumpkin patch and on the front porch.

And I still have to get the ladders down, clean up the cider cart, clean up the garage, etc., etc.

Entry 276: September 19, 2014
With my wife and oldest headed to California, and the other girls in school, I can finally get back to finishing the balcony railing!

The last few sections have been assembled and secured. It's taken a lot longer than I wanted, but it's finally in place.

And the painting continues.

And more painting is needed.

Entry 275: September 19, 2014
Our oldest is off to college this morning. Going to be a long drive. I'll see my wife again (hopefully) in four days.

About to head out in the early hours. A long drive ahead of them.

The van is completely packed with her stuff. I wonder how much of it she'll actually need at college?

Entry 274: August 29, 2014
Got more sections of the railing built and started carrying them up to the balcony to install. I have to get some more cedar to finish, but it's a good start. I hope this doesn't make the house look less creepy. (I will be painting the railing white)

Most of the sections of railing have been carried up to the balcony and are waiting to be installed. Of course it started raining.

Majority of the pieces tacked in place. Everything looks good. I need to go through and anchor to the posts with 3" deck screws.

Here's the view from the driveway. I'm so used to seeing the house without a balcony railing, I really don't know how I feel about putting it up now.

Entry 273: August 27, 2014
The beast is dead! Long live the glory of the new cooktop! Switched gears today and went under the house to complete another long overdue project. Ran a gas extension from the trunk to the kitchen island so I could install a new gas cooktop that's been sitting in the kitchen for two months while I get everything together.

Our electric glass-top cooktop was in really bad shape. One of the burners had died and everything else was going fast. It took 40 minutes to boil water! The glass top was cracked and filthy. It had to go..

Had to run a gas line to the kitchen island, but now, after years of wanting, I have a brand new, 5 burner gas cooktop! I'm so excited, I don't know what to cook first! Probably bacon.

A beautiful experiment on the new gas cooktop.

Entry 272: August 26, 2014
First section of balcony railing is almost done. It's taking time, but I really want to get the right look. Pleased with the routering on the top and bottom railing.

It takes some time with all the routering, but the finished product is nice.

A detailed shot of the top rail. I'm very pleased with the look and it feels great to rest your hand on.

Close up of the bottom rail. A bit hard to see, but it has the same under beveling as the top rail.

Entry 271: August 25, 2014
Not as much as I wanted to do, but with a bleeding finger I still managed to router the rest of the posts, place most of them, and start cutting and routering the railings. If I'm really lucky, I might get more done this afternoon.

Routered all the posts and positioned them on the balcony.

Another shot of the balcony.

Work area with plenty of cedar sawdust and chips. Smells fantastic!

Entry 270: August 24, 2014
Hey kids, turns out a router CAN take off the tip of your finger! I'm going to spare you the graphic photo.

Introducing the e-tape man bandage.

Entry 269: August 23, 2014
Starting the process of cutting all the balisters for the second floor balcony. Going to be a long day, but hopefully a productive one, too.

Ah, that fresh smell of cedar. Heading back from Lowe's with more wood for the new railing.

Glad 10 ft sections can fit in the van.

Ripping down the sections of baluster to 2.5 in width.

Entry 268: August 22, 2014
A mixed day of work and kids, but I was able to get a little more done on the exterior. After two years, I've finally finished the roof trim and iron work.

Added the corner pieces to the mansard roof and added the top roof trim and "iron work" to the roof section by the octo-tower.

A closer view of the trim over the garage. (Ignore the section of gutter laying across the two dormers.)

The corner piece of trim for the roof and the painted attic dormer.

A decent shot of the other attic dormer - now complete.

Entry 267: August 17, 2014
Wanted to let the wife know the kids and I were having a great time while she was out for the afternoon and that she really shouldn't worry about us.

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